Thursday, July 31, 2008

News from Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker wrote in: "I’m happily living with my wife, Virginia Watkins, and our two-year-old son William. Better late than never is parenthood, and I can’t imagine a more wonderful kid for us than the one we have. We reside in Piedmont, in the east bay near San Francisco. We’ve had visits in past months from James Esseks, Steve Conn and John Pogue, the last two with their delightful families. After years as a management consultant working for firms, I’m working for myself. So far so good, and I’m really enjoying the autonomy and responsibility."

News from Douglas Allen

Douglas Allen writes that he's still living and working at Westminster School in Simsbury, CT. After 12 years of teaching math and coaching and living in dorms, he moved over to the alumni and development office. Douglas and his wife, Amy, and have two children, Lauren (7, but thinks she's 14) and Thomas (2, and apparently plans to stay 2 until he's 14).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tom McNulty

Tom McNulty wrote in to report that he has been in Houston for the last 12 years, ever since finishing his MBA at Kellogg. He is with a small consulting group there doing complex transactions and valuation work. He has most recently been in touch with classmates Loly Hlade, who runs her own marketing firm in LA, Brandon Chabner, an LA lawyer, and Dan Murphy, a lawyer in San Diego. Tom also reports that he has an adorable 5 year old daughter, Megan Eleaonor McNulty.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Winter Mead Takes on Jeopardy

I heard that Winter Mead appeared on Jeopardy earlier this year. Winter did admirably, leading the contestants after Double Jeopardy. Unfortunately, Winter got tripped up in final Jeopardy and ended up in second place. The Final Jeopardy answer for Winter was: “FDR liked to rest near water, but because of fears after Pearl Harbor, this inland place was created for him.” For the correct response, and a question by question breakdown of Winter’s valiant efforts, please check out the summary of Winter's Jeopardy appearance by clicking here.

News from David Code

David Code also reached me through the new website. David is a minister and family coach who blogs on marriage and parenting for a Pennsylvania newspaper site. Please check out his blog and his website, both of which are accessible through the class website’s Contact Us section.

News from Howard Riker

Via the new website, I heard from Howard Riker. Howard writes that he has lived in Washington, D.C. now for 16 years, and - hard to believe - has worked at the same firm for the entire time. Howard works at Hines, an international real estate firm headquartered in Houston. Presently, he is responsible for a very large mixed-use development located in the middle of Downtown, as well as the redevelopment of a CBD office building.

This past Spring, Howard attended the Yale Real Estate Club Conference in New Haven, and had the chance to catch up with Jordan Warshaw, as well as other alumns at the well-attended event.

On a more personal, and much more important note, Howard also announced that he and his wife had a baby boy (Adam) in June. Adam was welcomed by Howard’s 4-year old son, Seth.