Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yale GALA News

Dennis Blackwell wrote in to tell everyone about an exciting event at Yale in 2009. Dennis writes:

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about an important event that I'm working on. I may have told you that I am a board member for Yale GALA, the group that serves LGBTQ alumni, students, faculty, and staff at Yale. GALA is throwing a major event in New Haven this coming spring. We are calling it Yale's LGBTQ Reunion, and we have a lot to celebrate, including:*the 25th anniversary of Yale GALA*the 10th anniversary of Yale's Lesbian & Gay Studies dept. *the LGBTQ co-op, run by current Yale students, and *the opening of the LGBTQ Resources Office in 2009This event will take place at Yale on 24-26 April 2009. We are planning lots of cool, timely, and interesting events, such as performances by popular theatrical and musical artists; lectures given by important personalities of note in the Yale and gay communities; tours of Yale museums and galleries; cocktail receptions where alums can meet and mingle with faculty, current students, staff, and their fellow schoolmates. On Saturday night, the major event is a dinner on-campus with exciting after-party activities. We are planning to send out a "Save the Date" mailing to all Yale GALA members that will go out very soon, but we on the GALA board also want to get the word out to our alums and other readers through the alumni magazine about this important event celebrating the LGBTQ experience at Yale. More information on travel to and accommodations in New Haven, as well as the reunion itself, may be found at the GALA website, Of course, we are updating the website as more information becomes available. I am also happy to answer any questions or comments at my new email address: <>.

News from Joe Grocela

Joe Grocela, MD, MPH ES '87 writes in: I am still a staff urologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and sees Wei-chi Wong ES'87, who is a nephrologist on staff there also. Using my MPH degree and keen powers of deduction, I was able to figure out that the "Great Ezra Stiles Mono Outbreak of '87" was either related to a Feb Club party or a Mory's chalice. I quickly relayed this information to Mark Branch ES '86 via Facebook through Andy Chau '86. However, I was surprised to find that Mark's response was not of interest in my further research on his super article for AYA on Mory's, but one of nausea. I guess years of surgery give you an iron stomach.