Thursday, December 24, 2009

Natasha Zupan has a new website

Classmate and fabulous artist Natasha Zupan has a new website that highlights her work. Check it out at

Chris Dudley is Running for Governor of Oregon

It's official. The Class of 1987 has a guberntorial candidate in Oregon. For more information, check out his website:

Good Luck, Chris!

News from Meridith Berlin

Classmate Meridith Berlin wrote in with news about a new book:

"I have a book out and if you would like to include it in the growing info about books by classmates, it is called The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked. It’s a Mystery-Fantasy-Adventure for kids that takes place behind the scenes at a children’s theater (partially modeled on the Seattle Children’s Theatre, where I have been working for the past 15 years). It’s a fun read for kids age 5 and up (and their parents!).

Info about it can be found on my website:, or at the Amazon website at"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A word from our Treasurer

Below is the e-mail that was sent out by Ray Gallo, our Class Treasurer:

Dear Classmates,

Those of you paying attention have noticed some terrific efforts by our fearless leader and Class Secretary Tim Harkness over the past two years. During that time, and with the support of inveterate party promoter Jordan Warshaw, ‘87, our class spearheaded the globalization of Feb Club through Feb Club Emeritus. 2010 will be its third year and it is quickly becoming an institution. 2009 saw 61 Feb Club Emeritus parties on five continents — watch for one near you in February 2010 and raise a glass with classmates and other Yalies sharing good cheer.

Class of 1987 lunches also have become regular events—in New York and Chicago, at least, and we plan to expand these events.

Tim has launched a class blog at, and has been making other efforts to use the web effectively—some of you are receiving his regular news bulletins via email. There is a Class of 1987 Facebook group (the only thing that would have gotten me on Facebook, which I admit has been fun).

This is our first e-only dues solicitation, saving the costs of printing, postage, and a tree or two.

Get involved! Any class member who wants to contribute by organizing events or programs please notify me or Tim Harkness directly at or We welcome all contributions, and there are in-progress efforts that you can join.

Pay your dues! Please remember that all our efforts, and future efforts, need your support. AYA data shows that the old blues pay their dues like clockwork. While we’ve beaten the giving records of other classes, our class dues participation is not so compelling. Let me inspire you to participate, at whatever level you can, by paying your class dues. Support our class’s leadership in this small, additional way. If everyone participates, more is possible. Our fearless leader has earned your support. Reach into your pockets for whatever dues you can afford. And remind your friends to pay theirs.

Suggested dues are $85 annually. But please pay what you can. $5 beats $0 and shows a little spirit. You can pay your dues:

· On the web at OR

· By mail: Checks should be made payable to: “Yale Class of 1987” and sent to Yale Class of 1987 dues, Association of Yale Alumni, PO Box 209010, New Haven, CT 06520-9010

With your support, the future holds increasing opportunities to come together with your classmates and other Yalies.

Help us keep everyone in touch! Finally, please be sure to keep your own records with AYA up to date by visiting the Alumni Directory at, by emailing, or by calling the 203-432-2110 landline.

And, if you have email addresses for any of the roughly ¼ of our class listed below (who haven’t given theirs to AYA), please email those email addresses to me so that we can update our class records (and to spare these individuals a call from me and a more serious squeeze to pay their dues!). It will be great for us and the planet when we can reach everyone by email.

Best personal regards,


Ray E. Gallo


Yale Class of 1987

Understanding Dyslexia

I read in the recent annual report from Yale's development folks that one of our classmates has been funding work on dyslexia:

Julia G. (Morton) Krapf '87, '91 M.A. is funding a new study to better understand the genetics of dyslexia via a grant from the Manton Foundation. Led by Yale School of Medicine scientist Jeffrey R. Gruen, associate professor of pediatrics, genetics, and investigative medicine, the study will compare the complete genomes of 1,000 dyslexic children with 1,000 fluent readers to identify the genes that may play a role in the condition. Gruen's ultimate goal is to develop a genetic test, enabling parents and teachers to intervene at the beginning of a child's education. He said, "If you can identify kids early, by third grade, and get them into an intervention program, you can frequently get them reading up to grade-level, and that effect is long-lasting. That's a wonderful thing."

Feb Club Emeritus 2010

Feb Club Emeritus is back . . . and bigger than ever. Thanks to the work of Jordan Warshaw, we have a great selection of cities -- with many parties hosted by members of the Class of 1987! Please check it out at And, please let your friends know about it.

New Book from Chang-rae Lee

Chang-rae Lee has a new book coming out in a few months called "The Surrendered." Here is what I have read about it:

With his three previous novels, Chang-rae Lee has established himself as one of the most talented writers of his generation. Now he has returned with a novel that amplifies everything we’ve seen in his earlier work. A stunning story about how love and war inalterably change the lives of those they touch, The Surrendered is elegant, suspenseful, and unforgettable: a profound meditation on the nature of heroism and sacrifice, the power of love, and the possibilities for mercy and salvation.

Keep an eye out for this new book . . .