Monday, January 25, 2010

David Code on TV

Recceived the following from David Code:

I wrote a book on marriage and parenting. Last week, CBS Newsreported on my assertion that behind every helicopter parent is adistant, cold marriage: My story has been picked up by NPR, The Wall St. Journal, "Parents"Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, andLadies Home Journal. I believe a problem in your child could be a wake-up call for yourmarriage. These days, we seem to be marrying our kids instead of ourspouses because the truth is, we find it easier to be with our kidsthan our partners. Research suggests our anxious focus on our kidscontributes to children with social problems and special needs. The solution? To raise happy kids, put your marriage first.Knowledge is power, and when we become aware of how we distance fromour spouses, it's win-win for the family. We can improve ourmarriages, pass less baggage onto our kids, and set a great examplefor their future relationships! For those interested in the debate, below are links to the media coverage.All best,David Code SY'87

Chris Dudley on the Campaign Trail

Classmate Chris Dudley is on the campaign trail, raising funds in New York, of all places. He is a candidate for governor in Oregon.

If you're interested in supporting Chris' run, I encourage you to visit his web page and donate.

Can John Edwards' Dreadful Image Be Rehabilitated?

Can John Edwards' Dreadful Image Be Rehabilitated?

John Edwards was not in our class, but one of our classmates -- Tim Calkins -- was quoted as passing on advice to the former presidential candidate.

Monday, January 18, 2010

News from Jennifer Freed

A few months back, I wrote about my view that the ordinary lives of our classmates are newsworthy and worth celebrating. I received the following from Jennifer Freed, in response:

Went to your blog for the first time (saw that it was there when my 7-year-old was looking in the back of the Yale Alum. Mag at class notes to see if my name was there. Of course it wasn’t – I’ve never written in before.) and went back a few months, saw your posting about your brother, and just wanted to thank you for it. I’m glad I read it, glad you wrote it. I’m sorry I didn’t know him.

News of me: Live w/ my husband and 2 daughters (ages 7 and 9) in Holden, MA and have a good, unexciting life. We are kept busy by lives of our children and the work we do on our fixer-upper house. We just trapped our 4th flying squirrel (“have a heart” trap worked very well) from between the downstairs ceiling and the upstairs floor. How they got in there is a mystery, but they are beautiful creatures, and we are glad to have been able to see them. I am also learning to play my first ever musical instrument – piano. I never even learned to read music growing up, so maybe a few new neural connections will form to make up for all the effects of being away from school for so long. At least I’m able to keep up with my kids – so far. And that’s all the news from here.

That's Why I Chose Yale

Over the last twenty years or so, Yale has become a much more attractive place . . . in many ways. Although I recall skipping down the halls with a song in my heart, I don't recall breaking into song on cross campus. Times certainly have changed.

Please check out the YouTube video: "That's Why I Chose Yale." I think you'll really enjoy it. It certainly is better than Cats.