Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An immigration article from Mike Wishnie

Mike Wishnie has an interesting new article about the summer of 2010 and its implications for immigration issues.

This summer, Arizona's efforts to implement a controversial new local immigration statute fueled passions and mobilized all sides of the immigration debate. For the moment, the law remains in limbo after the United States filed suit and the U.S. District Court enjoined the most significant provisions of the new law. As Americans struggle to define a twenty-first century immigration policy, Yale Law Professor Michael J. Wishnie examines the long history of disagreements over immigration measures between the federal government and the states (and among the states). The history tells us, Wishnie finds, that many punitive state laws are likely to be struck down by the courts. But, the local conflicts themselves will likely pressure Congress to reform the U.S.'s antiquated immigration statutes.

To read Mike's piece, click here.

News from Vince Jordan

I heard from Vince Jordan recently. Vince is now a contributor to [funny, you couldn't get him to think about race in college]. Here's his inaugural piece, check it out by clicking here.

David Pollay's New Book

Davis Pollay is one busy guy. Motivational speaker and now author, David's message is distilled in his new book, The Law of the Garbage Truck. David has a whole site devoted to it. Click on the title above or here to see what David is up to.

Should we nominate our class?

Yale is looking for nominations for those classes/organizations that are truly outstanding. I think the Class of 1987 qualifies. Do you? If so, please e-mail me and let me know what you think.

Here is the original letter from AYA:

Dear Yale Volunteer:

We know that you work very hard for Yale, and on behalf of Yale. Thank you!

Since the implementation of the AYA Strategic Plan in 2007, volunteers everywhere have been engaging alumni in new and innovative ways. Many of our classes, clubs, SIGs, and G&P schools have engaged in strategic planning processes themselves, and – with new programs like Feb Club, the Global Day of Service, the Women at Yale Celebration, to name but just a few – there are more alumni doing more things than ever before. Many of these new programs and activities are “out of the box,” and are models for innovation and alumni involvement.

It is time for the AYA to recognize the accomplishments of our many alumni groups. At the AYA Assembly this November 10, 11 and 12, the AYA Board of Governors would like to recognize those clubs, classes, SIGs, and G&P programs that exhibit excellence in what they do and accomplish.

Attached you will find a description of the new AYA Awards for Excellence and a nomination form. In short, we would like you to nominate an alumni organization with which you are familiar. The awards will be vetted by the Program Committee of the AYA Board using the evaluation criteria described in the attached guidelines. There are awards in five major categories, including Classes, Clubs, SIGs, G&P, and overall programming.

If you think an organization should be recognized – and the time, energy and efforts of the volunteers making it the successful organization that it is – then please send in a nomination right away! Please fill it out! And send it back via email to Jenny Chavira at or snail mail to:

Jenny Chavira
Director of Volunteer Engagement
Association of Yale Alumni
PO Box 209010
New Haven, CT 06520-9010

The deadline for nominations is November 1. Awards will be announced November 6 and presented at the AYA Assembly. If you have questions please email Jenny, or give her a call at (203) 436-3574.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for all that you do!

Mark R. Dollhopf ’77
Executive Director
Association of Yale Alumni
1201 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: (203) 432-1941

Life got in the way

Sometimes people ask me how I have the time to be the Class Secretary. As anyone checking into the blog in the last month or so knows, sometimes I don't. Lately, life has been busy. We've had the start of a new school year, with our oldest now in high school. That took some work.

And then there is work. It has been, thankfully, been busy. Part of the business took me to LA, where I was able to catch up with Steve Atlee, Ethan Goldstine, and Matt Sloan during my 20 hour sojourn on the west coast. All three of them looked great and are doing well.

So, tonight is a night to catch up. Next week, I am off to do an arbitration. Hopefully, after that, things will calm down a bit and I will have time for my family, the blog, the holidays and, of course, Feb Club.