Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amor Towles' New Book

One of my guilty pleasures is reading People Magazine. There, I admitted it. No more secret shame.

As I was flipping through this week's issue, I saw that our classmate Amor Towles gets a great shout out for his new book, Rules of Civility:

Put on some Billie Holiday, pour a dry martini and immerse yourself in the eventful life of Katey Kontent, a smart young woman trying to find herself in Manhattan in the late 1930s. Though Katey's not to the manor born, her wit and intellect open doors all over the city, from Upper East Side society soirees to funky downtown jazz clubs. When she and her friend Eve Ross, a beautiful, nervy party girl from Indiana, meet suave bachelor Tinker Grey, life hits a high note-for a while. (Despite his royal-blue eyes, Tinker is a gentleman with some twists in his pedigree.) Yet his relationship with Katey ultimately shapes both their fates. First-time novelist Towles, a principal in a New York City investment firm and a graduate of both Yale and Stanford, clearly knows the privileged world he's writing about, as well as the vivid, sometimes reckless characters who inhabit it. Reading about Katey and her fast friends shaking off the Great Depression in pre-World War II Manhattan-a city "so improbable, so wonderful, so obviously full of promise"-you'll find yourself feeling nostalgic no matter how old you are.

It turns out that Oprah loved the book, too. Click here to read the review.

Quidditch at Reunion?

Yale has a Quidditch Team. Really. Not making it up. 100% for real.

What if we had Quidditch at reunion? Would your kids enjoy that? Would you enjoy that? Let us know!

Gay Marriage in New York

Today was the first day of legalized same-sex marriage in New York. As our family was watching the news coverage of the happy couples getting hitched, a familiar face came on . . . the Class of 1987's own Alan Miles was married earlier today to his partner, now husband, Drew Glick. The newlyweds beamed as the said their vows. I was very proud to be able to point out to our children that a classmate of ours was now free to marry as he chooses . . . and that finally being recognized as having the right to do so made him so obviously happy.

If you want to learn more about Alan and Drew and their wedding, you can clink the title to this post to see the news, or click below.

View more videos at:

Congratulations to Alan and Drew. May you enjoy every happiness!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

AYA Board of Governors Welcomes Two Members of the Class of 1987 to its Ranks

Recently, the Association of Yale Alumni ("AYA") went through its process for picking a new slate of members of its Board of Governors. Drawn largely from the representative body of the AYA Assembly, the Board of Governors works with the University administration and the AYA staff to set priorities for and guide the work of the AYA. The group was established following the formal adoption of the AYA Constitution in 1972. Made up of 24 elected and appointed members and a number of members ex officio, the AYA Board accomplishes much of its work through several focused committees. Elected and appointed members serve three-year terms, and the Board’s four officers – Chair, Vice-Chair, and two executive officers – serve one or two-year terms.

Here is the list of newly elected AYA Governors:

Jeannine Scott ’85 MA
Tim Harkness ’87
Joe Staley, Jr. ’59
Vikram Mansharamani ’96
Magda Vergara ’82
Scott Williamson ’80
Darcy Pollack '87
Robert (Bo) Hopkins '86 MBA

As you will see, the Class of 1987 is very well represented -- the current Board of Governors has two representatives from our class. Over the last several years, our class has been represented on the Board of Governors, most recently by Lynn Oberlander and, before Lynn, Kathy Edersheim. If you are interested in becoming active in Yale alumni activities -- either through the class or through some other part of the Yale community, please let me know.

My America: Chang-Rae Lee - The Takeaway

Classmate Chang-Rae Lee appeared recently on NPR’s “The Takeaway.” This was a very personal interview about his view about his role in America.  Very interesting.  Click below to listen to the interview.  It’s a quick listen, and well worth it.


“When I used to teach in the city at Hunter College the most amazing thing would happen… You’d hear all these different accents and languages…and of course all their variations and kinds of English, and I always thought that was the most wonderful thing.”

Chang-Rae Lee


My America: Chang-Rae Lee - The Takeaway

Mastering the Art of Dinner Party Talk - This Life -

As you can tell, I am a Bruce Feiler reader.  I enjoy his columns.  The last one I posted was pretty serious.  This one is not nearly as heavy.  Check it out.  I know a few people I might want to e-mail this to.

Mastering the Art of Dinner Party Talk - This Life -

Reading Between the Lines - wowowow

Classmate Jane Mendelsohn explains why — in literature and in life — it’s best not to take things at face value in a recent post.  Click below to check it out.

Reading Between the Lines - wowowow