Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Class Governance

Every five years, we elect our class officers -- the Secretary and the Treasurer.  (If you are interested in running, please let me know.)

This Reunion, we are also trying to put together more of a Class Council or Board of Directors.  (We tried this a while back, and we are trying to restart this process.)  The point of this is to get a group of people who are willing to pitch in over the next five years to put together Class events, organize Class service projects and work on facilitating more connections between members of the Class of '87.  Although people with big ideas are always welcome, we would most appreciate people willing to match their big ideas with implementation.

Please give this some thought and stay tuned for more information.

Reunion Program Highlights

We have a great program shaping up for our 25th Reunion.  From time to time, I will highlight some of the speakers we will be having.  Here is our first highlight:

Jeff Brenzel, Dean of Admissions, has agreed to meet with our class on Saturday, May 26 (exact time TBD) to discuss the college admissions process.  This is a real treat . . . Jeff is thoughtful and informed and can provide invaluable insight into the whole college admissions process, which is very different now than it was for us in olden times.

For the basic reunion schedule, click here.

Reunion Registration

Registration for our reunion is now open.  Click here to register.

An important note:  We are doing as much as we can electronically this year.  You will NOT be receiving a printed reunion packet.  Maybe a post card reminder, but no printed materials.  So, please register on-line!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Reunion Do and Don'ts

In our tireless efforts to make sure that everyone has a great time at reunion, we have put together a series of videos to help you prepare.  We hope you find these helpful.

For more reunion information, click here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pick up the phone. Call a classmate. Right now.

Reunion registration e-mails will be going out in a few weeks.  We have scores of classmates saying that they are coming to New Haven on May 24-27.  Now, we need you to help.

Please, pick up the phone.  Call the old roommate you haven't spoken to in a while.  Call that person in your college who made your dinners lively.  Call the people from your singing group or team.  Or, call the person who really made your day that one time.

We would love it if everyone chose one classmate to call to check in on, to see how they are doing, to see if they are coming to reunion.

Please make the call today.  Your friends would love to hear from you.

Blue goes Green!

 Class of '87 is leading the charge for greener, cleaner, more sustainable reunions.  We are making every effort to complete as much as we can of the Yale Office of Sustainability's Green Events Certification.  Have any questions?  Check out, or email Darcy at

Want to contribute to the sustainability efforts?  Offset your travel carbon footprint by donating to the Yale Community Carbon Fund.  It's carbon calculator is fun to use, and you have the bonus of knowing that the funds raise support local sustainability efforts in New Haven, all in low income homes and local non-profits.  For more info go to

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toll collector and commuter married after meeting on Thruway -

You have to read this.  Really.  It’s great.  Very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

You won’t find love in the E-ZPass lane.

Just ask Sonya Baker, who met the man of her dreams — New York State Thruway toll collector Michael Fazio — at a tollbooth at Exit 19.

Toll collector and commuter married after meeting on Thruway -


And, if you are interested in that, you should listen to Sonya here:


Watch Sonya Baker on PBS. See more from WKGB.

25th Reunion Schedule

Here is the 25th Reunion Schedule.  For information about registration, etc., please click here or hit the reunion tag on the right for all reunion-related posts.

Class of 1987 – 25th Reunion Old Campus

Thursday, May 24

1 pm Reunion headquarters open in Dwight Hall on Old Campus. Campus rooms available.

6 – 11 pm Welcome Bar on Old Campus ---

Friday, May 25

9 am & 10:30 am   AYA Faculty Lectures

Noon: Bar Opens – Beer Wine Soda Bar (water will be available all day)

12:00 – 1:30 pm -- Dixieland Barbeque on Old Campus

Afternoon:   Class Programs on and around Old Campus

4 – 11 pm  Camp Bulldog for children ages 4 months to entering 8th grade.

4:30 – 6:30 pm University Welcome Reception

6:30 – 7:30 pm   Cocktails on Old Campus

7:30 – 9:30 pm  International Buffet Dinner

 9:30 until ??  Party on Old Campus

Saturday, May 26

7:30 – 9:30 am  Light Continental Breakfast Buffet

8:30 am – 12:30 pm Camp Bulldog Session

10 am – 12:15 pm  “A Morning at Yale”

Since our last reunion, “A Morning at Yale” has continued to receive rave reviews from all classes. Your challenge will be to choose among everything from a tour of the Woolsey Hall Newberry Organ, children’s activities at Yale’s museums dramatic readings and a Glee Club singing workshop. This is the essential Yale: intellectual stimulation, fascinating instructors, & too little time to take advantage of it all

12:30 – 2 pm    The Big City Grill Lunch Buffet

2:00 -- 4:00    Class Programs in and around Old Campus

Other things to do:

Afro-American Cultural Center
211 Park Street
Saturday, 3 – 5 pm
The Afro-American Cultural Center invites ALL alumni and guests to our annual reception. Meet current House staff, talk with students about their experiences at Yale and catch up with old friends. For more info e-mail Pamela Y. George at or Nicholas Roman Lewis ’93 at We look forward to seeing you at the House!

Asian American Cultural Center (AACC)
295 Crown Street
Saturday, 3– 6 pm
Alumni and guests are invited to join us at the AACC for a reception, to share your experiences, talk with current students and catch up with friends old and new. Hear more about AAAYA, the Asian and Asian American Association of Yale Alumni. ( We would love to hear from you & look forward to seeing you at reunion! (

Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae (GALA)
WL Harkness Hall, LGBT Studies Lounge, Third Floor, 100 Wall Street
Saturday, 3 – 5 pm
Please join us for a reception as we talk to students and faculty about the current affairs of the

LGBT campus community. (

La Casa Cultural
301 Crown Street
Saturday, 3 – 6 pm
We invite all alumni and guests to meet current Latino students, catch up with friends, make new ones & visit our facility! Please join us for a cocktail reception and hear from featured alumni speakers. Learn about the Yale Latino Alumni Association and ways to get involved (! (

Native American Cultural Center
297 Crown Street
Saturday, 3 – 4:30 pm
The Native American Cultural Center invites all Native American alumni and their guests to a reception. Meet members of our advisory board and learn about the current Native American community at Yale. (

4 – 11 pm Camp Bulldog Session

4:30 – 5 pm  President’s University Update

5 – 6:30 pm  A Celebration of Yale Singing

6:30 – 7:30 pm  Cocktails on Beinecke Plaza – (rain site under the tent)

7:30 – 9:30 pm  Class Dinner in Commons

9:00 pm – 1 am - Party Under the Tent on Old Campus

Sunday, May 27

7 – 9 am  Coffee Service on Old Campus

7:30 – 11:30 am Farewell Breakfast at Commons

10:30 – 11:30 am University Public Worship

2 pm Reunion Weekend Ends!

Class Officer Elections

Our class has two officers: the Class Secretary and the Class Treasurer.  Tim Harkness has been the Class Secretary since our last reunion.  Ray Gallo has been Class Treasurer.

At our reunion, there will be an election for our class officers for the next five years.  All interested in running for either position, should send an e-mail to to let us know

Once we know who is running, we will let everyone know.

For an update on other Reunion planning, click here or click the reunion tag on the right for all reunion-related posts.

Life After Yale: A Guide to Graduation for the Class of 2011

I thought this was pretty funny.

Yale Day of Service -- 2012

 The Yale Day of Service is May 12, 2012 -- there will be hundreds of service projects done by Yalies all over the world.  Please visit the Yale Day of Service website to learn more.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Class of 1987 at Feb Club NYC

The Yale Class of 1987 made it to Feb Club Emeritus in NYC on February 1.  It was a great party . . . all brought to you by the founders of Feb Club Emeritus -- the Yale College Class of 1987!

Reunion Update

Here is the latest on reunion:


May 24-27.  See you there!


We have had a huge number of classmates tell us they are coming.  (Click here for the public list -- please sign up if you haven't done so, yet.)  It is almost time to register.

We will be sending registration e-mails out in a few weeks.  Keep an eye out.  If we don't have your e-mail address, we will be sending you a post card.  We are trying to keep this green, so please look out for the e-mail.

You will be able to register here.


We are putting together a terrific program.  Click here to find out what our class is offering.   Click here for the whole offering at Yale.


We have worked hard to provide a quality reunion and control costs.  A full breakdown of costs will be on the registration website soon.  A description of what to expect is here.

Reunion Pricing

Your reunion planning committee is hard at work finalizing the plans for what will be a terrific 25th Reunion.  We have put together a combination of exciting programs and great food (with options for everyone).  Once you check out the program, we think you will agree that it looks to be a terrific weekend.

We are also putting the final touches on our pricing, and wanted to give you an update.

Before we get to what the pricing will be, let us explain a few things:

1.  The Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) provides invaluable assistance throughout the year, especially during reunion years.  It also coordinates the University-wide programming that is offered at reunion.  However, AYA is not in a position to provide any financial subsidy to defray the cost of reunion, nor do we receive financial support from any other part of the University.  We have heard some talk about the University kicking in so we can have a nice dinner on Saturday night.  There is no such gift.  The reunion is essentially a self-funded endeavor.

2.  There are substantial fixed costs.  The tent, the chairs, the bar, the music, the audio visual.  All of it is fixed and expensive.  These pieces drive a substantial portion of our costs and there is not much (short of a donations from members of the class) that we can do about that.

3.  We have squeezed as many pennies as we can and still provide everyone with great food and a rich offering of activities so everyone has a great time.

Now the wind up is over, here is the pitch:  A full adult reunion -- Thursday night through Sunday morning -- will cost $425 per adult and $200 per child.  This includes all meals, drinks and programs, but not Camp Bulldog (which is extra).  Saturday-only will be $275 per adult and $120 per child.

One final note: financial aid will be available.  AYA handles this -- none of your classmates will ever know if you ask for financial assistance to attend.  We want everyone to come, so please do not let price be an impediment.

YaleNews | Students and alumni unite to STAY

Late at night on a recent Thursday, a large crowd of Yale students and alumni assembled on campus at the Rose Alumni House, but not for just any regular party. They were mingling for a purpose — to welcome the inaugural committee volunteers of Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY), a new program that will bring together Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students with alumni through service, mentorship, and social activities.

This central purpose — bringing Yalies together across classes, generations, and degree programs for the benefit of the University, the community, and the world — makes STAY unique among Yale organizations. STAY’s creation also makes Yale a pioneer among the Ivies in student-alumni service and programming, notes Steve Blum, senior director of strategic initiatives for the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA).

Check out STAY:

YaleNews | Students and alumni unite to STAY

YaleNews | Michael Wishnie is appointed the William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law

Big news for Professor Wishnie!

Michael J. Wishnie, the newly designated William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law, focuses his teaching, scholarship and law practice on immigration, labor and employment, habeus corpus, civil rights, government transparency, and veterans’ law.

Wishnie, a 1987 graduate of Yale College and 1993 graduate of Yale Law School, joined the Yale Law School faculty in 2006 and in February 2011 assumed the directorship of the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization, which links law students with individuals and organizations in need of legal help who cannot afford private attorneys. He previously taught for eight years at New York University School of Law. He currently teaches the Worker & Immigrants Rights Advocacy Clinic, Veterans Legal Services Clinic, Advanced 9-11 Clinic, and “Federal Courts: Selected Topics.”

YaleNews | Michael Wishnie is appointed the William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law

by yale women for yale men

Where was this blog when we were in college?  Ok, there were no blogs when we were in college.  That is completely unfair.  Completely.  

Although I thought I was pretty in tune with women when we were in college, the truth is I didn’t have a clue.  (Some of you will attest to that, no doubt.)   I really could have used someone to explain things to me.  I am, after all, a man and, as such, am a bit dense.  Maybe more than a bit, sometimes. 

How great would it have been to have one of the women in our class explain things? Well, that’s what a new Yale blog does.  It just lays things out from a woman’s perspective.  Like, how to text.  Not an issue for me in college, as there were no cell phones, but if there had been cell phones, this would have been perfect.  Or the Art of Conversation.  Would have loved a guide to that, back in 1983. 

Click below to check out the advice.  Who knows – it might be useful for our classmates as they prepare for our upcoming reunion.

by yale women for yale men

The Census Bureau Counts Fathers as 'Child Care' -

“It’s not baby-sitting when Daddy does it.”

A few years ago, Lisa and I were at our nephew’s hockey game.  Don’t know if you have ever been to a kid’s ice hockey game, but the players look mostly the same – a mass of pads topped with a helmet with a screen hiding their faces.  Well, as we watched, a kid skated by with a long pony tail sticking out the back of her helmet.  Our then 7-year old daughter turned to us and asked: “Can girls play hockey?”  We were floored.

We had been raising our daughter in a home in which (we thought) gender posed no limits.  But, here we were, sitting with our daughter who thought that being a girl precluded her from a sport she wanted to try.
We enrolled Katie in hockey promptly and started to discuss her view of the world with her.  We learned that we had not been nearly explicit enough in the messages we wanted our daughters to hear.  We had completely missed the boat.  As Katie would now put it: this was a parental epic fail. 

Having missed the boat so badly at home, I spoke to some of the women at work to see if I was as clueless there.  Turns out I was.  Another epic fail.  More than 50% of law school graduates are women, so I had wrongly assumed that the numbers of women leaders in the law would catch up over time.  Nice theory.  Completely contrary to the evidence, but nice theory.  Over the ensuing years, I have looked at the efforts of many of the world’s most prominent law firms, including my own, to see what improvements have been made and still can be made.  The results are a decidedly mixed bag.  And, the issues transcend a single law firm or even our own industry. 

The article you will get if you click below points to one of the underlying issues – who is the primary caregiver of the kids?  Who comes running to school when your child gets ill?  Who takes the kids to their doctor’s appointments?  Who does all of the damn driving every afternoon as kids go from school to piano, to religion, to soccer, to basketball, to dancing, to play practice, to dinner, to the tutor, to their public service project, to boy scouts, to girl scouts, to see grandma?   Whoever that is, odds are that they are not a partner in a law firm. 
Ultimately, the ability of any of us to succeed at work and be good parents depends on the balance of work responsibilities and home responsibilities.  How have you struck that balance?  Does it work for you?  What would you change?  It would be great to hear how our class is handling this.
The Census Bureau Counts Fathers as 'Child Care' -

Another, perhaps relevant article from today's NYT also discusses what educated women expect in a mate.  Interesting reading.  For the article, click here.  For a bit of data on this point, from the male perspective, the following, also from the New York Times was interesting:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

L.A.'s Smoking Deaths billboard and its unlikely tradition -

Check out the latest from Gideon Brower.  It appeared in the LA Times today.  Click the title of this post, or the link below, to read the whole thing.

Los Angeles is sometimes caricatured as a city with no center, a vast hive of individuals driving around isolated and rudderless. Yet on certain significant occasions, some of those individuals find ways to forge rituals and communities. They improvise if they have to. Because even malcontents who shun champagne and party hats on New Year's Eve still seek out a memorable experience to be shared with strangers.

L.A.'s Smoking Deaths billboard and its unlikely tradition -