Yale Social Media Clearing House

We are trying to get a handle on who in the Yale alumni community is actively using social media to promote what they are doing for Yale.  The point?  To share best practices, effectively distribute information, help each other, we have to know who each other are.  So, we start here -- maybe have an occasional e-mail updating people on news.  Interested?  Please fill out the form below.

Check out SA@Y -- the new Yale Social Media group that is getting the word out. . . check back soon for more information.

Yale Assembly and Social Media Summit Presentations
  •    To access my recent Yale Assembly presentation on social media, please click here.
  •    Check out two YouTube Videos from the January, 2014 Yale Social Media Summit by clicking here.
Social Media Resources

  People sometimes ask me about using social media.  It's not that difficult.  Really.  Here are some bloggers/articles/videos I have found useful.
  • How to use Twitter -- some videos are here or here
  • How to blog -- some videos here or here.
  • How to use Google Alerts (what I use to help get stories) -- some videos here and here.
  • Josie Ahlquist has a blog that includes pieces on social media in higher education.
  • How Cornell thinks about social media and reunions.
What's the Point?

If you are thinking about using social media for alumni relations, you should ask yourself a simple question: what is the point?  Why are you doing what you are planning to do?  Who are you trying to reach?  Why are you trying to reach them?  In answer this questions, please remember that the social media conduits this page discusses aren't answers.  They are just tools.  They can be tools for connecting, or they can be tools for distracting.  Or they can just be tools that take up your time.  You should consider how they fit in with your goals before you use them, and consider how well they are working after you begin.

Click here for a series for TED talks that  you might find thought provoking on this topic.  

Active Yale Alumni Websites

Yale Alumni Twitter Handles (which broadcast mostly Yale "stuff")
  • @Yale
  • @YaleCollege1985
  • @YaleCollege1987
  • @YaleCollege1988
  • @YaleClassof1993
  • @Yale2003
  • @MimoCt@Mimoct
  • @YaleBlackAlumni
  • @aayalealumni
  • @febclub
  • @YaleClubSTL
  • @CIincyYale Club
  • @YaleGALA
  • @YaleClubLondon
  • @AllYaleTheChamp
  • @YaleClubSouthTX
  • @YaleClubLA
  • @YaleClubofJapan
  • @YaleCluboftheCV
  • @YaleChicago
  • @YaleMaryland
  • @YaleNonprofit
  • @YaleinHollywood
  • @YaleFresno

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